5th Round of ARMT Practice

Today seemed to go so much smoother with our ARMT practice-probably because I didn’t try to cram too much in! 🙂 I read some really good responses for the open ended question (cause and effect) that we worked on. One of my struggling students had written his response and I had an individual conference with him and pointed out several things he needed to do. It really sounded good after he made his changes. 🙂 I talked with our reading coach after school and she said one of our 4th grade teachers is having her work on a rubric for the ARMT-not sure what she has planned, but I’m going to talk to her on Monday and find out. I’m thinking it might be a rubric to help the students score each other’s open ended responses. Sounds like a plan to me.

I’m also trying to organize my ARMT practice materials in crates and file folders. I think I am about 1/3 of the way finished. Whew!! What a task! I’ll explain and post pictures when I get completely finished. Hopefully, it will make life a lot easier next year and the next, etc! I want to change a lot of my methods for teaching this next year-ESPECIALLY the weekly test for the story-I’m going to create my own. I also want to do A LOT of different things with the comprehension skills/strategies that we have to teach. I’ll post more on that later!


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