Out on a limb

I am going to go out on a limb here when I say this, but- I might REALLY change up the way I teach next year!! There.. I said it! 🙂 I have felt stressed, strung out, frustrated, overwhelmed, incompetent, and near a nervous breakdown trying to teach thru the Scott Foresman Reading Street series on a WEEKLY BASIS!! 🙂 I think I might try something a little different next year-stretching it out to 2 weeks. Here are my reasons for this:

1. I want my kids to read more everyday-CHOICE read

2. I want to teach my kids the “process” of reading (comprehension strategies that they can apply to MANY texts) and not just teach them the “story”

3. I want to incorporate a “read aloud” time into our schedule daily

4. I want to teach my kids “how” to spell-not the spelling words

5. I want to teach my kids how to write and I just have not found the time in our schedule to accomplish this

6. I want to allow time for discussions-about books they are reading, life situations, poetry, articles, etc.

Having said all of this is sort of overwhelming within itself!! I have a lot to think about and plan for!!

I am still going to create lots of stuff for EACH story and upload-powerpoints, trifold discussion questions, etc. I am also going to work on my new plans/schedule and upload some of that, too. Boy, I have my work cut out for me! 🙂


About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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