Stories I have chosen for next year

My last post (under Journey Thoughts) was about cutting out some of the stories in the Scott Foresman series so that I could stretch it out to 1 story every 2 weeks. I have chosen 11 nonfiction stories to use because we all know that nonfiction is HARD to read and comprehend for our students. It also makes up a large portion of the state testing (I think). Another reason for choosing nonfiction to work with is because when our students CHOOSE what to read (novels) they usually tend to go with realistic fiction or fiction in general. Here are the 11 stories I have chosen to work with next year:

Saving the Rainforests/When Crowbar Came/Dinosaur Ghosts/A Week in the 1800s/Egypt/The Chimpanzees I Love/Black Frontiers/Gold/Ancient Greece/The Aztec News/Where Opportunity Waits

During the 2 week time period of teaching/applying comprehension strategies with these stories I will supplement my curriculum with poetry, read alouds, magazine articles, newspapers, etc. I will also use the fresh reads that come with Scott Foresman because I feel that 1. they are short enough to read for fluency practice 2. they can provide somewhat of an idea if a student is able to use the comprehension strategies independently

We will see how it goes!! I would love to hear any comments that you might have on this! ūüôā

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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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