Multiple Intelligences

This was one of the topics that we discussed in my online class I took through the state department. Next year I plan to do this activity at the beginning of the year with my students to sort of set the foundation for the year with them and the way they each learn best. We did this activity today since we are finished with testing. I found the printables/directions on Laura Candler’s website-she has WONDERFUL stuff on her website!!! ūüôā Here is the link to her website: Just scroll down and click on the multiple intelligences lesson. We had a good time-then we completed a multiple intelligence survey. Some of the kids were amazed at the discrepancy between what kind of “smart” they thought they were and what the survey ended up showing them!! It was very enlightening-I also tried to tie it back to their own studying. I told them that if they found out they are “picture” smart then they need to use that to their advantage and maybe draw pictures/symbols to help them remember things when studying.

Here is the link to the MI survey that we completed.


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