Walk Two Moons Book Collages

We completed our book collages yesterday on Walk Two Moons-we also finished reading the book(I have been reading it aloud). This book is so good-my students loved it! Next year I will pace it better though-the book has 44 chapters and I have been trying to finish it up before our spring break so this past week I have been reading 2-4 chapters each day (of course the kids love that, but I would rather read 1 chapter each day). This book will ALWAYS stay on my list of read aloud books for a couple of reasons-1) it is sort of complicated because of all of the flashbacks 2)I don’t think it is a book that most of my students would just pick up and read by themselves 3)it TOUCHES YOUR HEART 4)it is just a great read!

Here are some pictures of the collages that the kids made. NOTE: their homework was to cut out magazine pictures/draw pictures that relate to the story. Most of them did NOT do this as homework and we ended up doing it in class. If I had not REALLY wanted to finish before spring break I would not have allowed them to do this in class!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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