Read Around the Room

I was browsing the internet this past weekend and came across an activity that I just had to try out with my class. I found the idea on this website:

I’m not sure what the activity was titled, but I have renamed it “Reading Around the Room”. I tried it today with both of my 6th grade classes and the results were fantastic!!! 🙂

The objective was to expose the students to books that they might never pick up and try on their own. I took 18 books and put 1 on each desk. They were all Newbery books except 1. The students had their reading notebooks open to the section “Books I Plan to Read”. I set a timer for 2 minutes. They had to begin reading chapter 1 of the book at their desk and read for the full 2 minutes until I said to stop. If the book was one that caught their interest they wrote it down in their reading notebook. Then each student moved to the left. We did this until every student had read from every book. I took us about 45-50 minutes. Here is a picture of the stack of books that were left at the end of the day after my students checked some of them out. 🙂

After we went around the room reading a portion of each book I gave each student a sticky note. They had 2 things to write:

1. How often they think we should do this activity during the year

2. What their favorite thing was about the activity

RESULTS: Most students in my homeroom class voted to do this activity once each month. My other class voted mostly to do it each week. I think that next year I will attempt to do it about every 3 weeks or so. The things they enjoyed about it were: 1. Being able to read 2. Being exposed to a variety of books 3. Finding books that they might not choose on their own 4. Moving around

THEN, I polled them so that I could see which books had the highest rating. Bud, Not Buddy was the favorite in both classes (all 3 copies in my classroom library have been checked out now). 🙂 Some of the other favorites out of the 18 were:

Maniac Magee/Loser/Bridge to Terabithia/I can’t remember the rest of them-:)

It was a very enlightening and satisfactory activity!!!!!!!!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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