Reading Response Letters

I have required my students this year to write “literary letters” about the book they are reading. I started out making them write 6 letters each 6 weeks-3 to me and 3 to friends. Then I cut it down to 5 each 6 weeks. I did model for them how to write the letter at the beginning of the year and showed them 3 good examples, but it didn’t evolve into what I was really wanting. Plus, I got behind in reading and responding to them! 🙂

I am wanting to model for them again how to write it because I want the letters to have better content so I surfed the internet looking for anchor charts. I am going to make an anchor chart and display it in the room for them to refer to. I am also thinking about not requiring that many letters; however, if I could give them more time in class to read independently then I don’t think we would all feel so pushed for time. Anyway, here is a link to Angela Bunyi’s scholastic blog where she wrote about the setup of her reading notebooks. I’m going to use her anchor chart with stems to guide me in making my own.

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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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