Acrostic poetry

I’m really not sure if my 6th graders have ever written much poetry-I’ll find out tomorrow. However, I am going to teach them how to write Acrostic Poetry” over the next couple of weeks-try to anyway! 🙂

Here is a link to an image of an acrostic poem based on-well, and acrostic poem!

I think I will take it slow-Day 1-we will talk about poetry and different kinds-Day 2-we will talk about acrostic poetry and what it is-Day 3- we will look at some examples of different acrostic poems-Day 4-I will assign the whole class a specific word to write an acrostic poem about and have them work in groups to do this-Day 5-we will share the acrostic poems-Day 6-they will have to write acrostic poems for their names-Day 7-they will have to write an informational acrostic poem about Greece since that is the Scott Foresman story that we are currently reading-Day 8 through Day 10-they will choose a topic to create an acrostic poem about and illustrate

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