Daily 5 Trial Run

My little 6th graders are such guinea pigs this year. It’s my 1st year in 6th grade after 6 years in Kindergarten so I am constantly “trying out new things”. 🙂 Today’s new thing was the Daily 5. It went really well!! And I still got in the reading program-just not as much of it as in the past! 🙂 I have already decided that our Reading Street weekly unit/story is going to be stretched out to 2 weeks instead of 1 week-that way I can fit in all the other stuff I think the kids need! I am only going to do 2 rounds of Daily 5 each day and the sharing part didn’t happen today-we’ll see if I can squeeze it in after we get in our routine.

This is what our day looked like today:

1. Partner read weekly poem-locate the conjunctions in the poem since conjunctions are what we are studying in English this week

2. Read Aloud-I am reading a novel to them, and we are interacting with the novel-discussing, etc.

3. Practice 5 high frequency words-I need to get back into the spelling or some type of word study, but I really feel like my kids NEED some focus on these “No Excuse” words!

4. English-conjunctions-workbook page

5. Scott Foresman Reading Street-today we only read 1 page of the story but we really interacted with it. We

a. Choral read a paragraph. They worked in groups to determine the most important thing from the paragraph and we shared.

b. Each group choral read 1 paragraph with me. We stopped along the way and talked about comparing and contrasting both cities, Athens and Sparta.

6. Writing mini-lesson-this was VERY mini today because I also took time to explain the Daily 5 to them. The writing mini-lesson consisted of telling them things they could write about(very general) and the types of writing they could do.

7. Round 1 of Daily 5-I pulled several groups and we read/discussed the weekly poem again

8. Reading mini-lesson-We went over our “literary letter” requirements

9. 2nd round of Daily 5-I pulled a couple of more groups and still worked on the weekly poem-mainly visualization(This was easy peasy with this poem-The Vampire). 🙂

I LOVE working with small groups-they participate and interact so much more freely!!!!!! I can’t wait to get started with individual conferring, but I’m just not quite sure how to get this started and really what to do! I might just do the small groups this week and begin the conferring part next week.

Also, when I give the Reading, English, Spelling assessments on Thursday and Friday, I’m not sure how much they will throw us off schedule-we’ll see!!!!!!

Here is the little anchor chart I made for the Daily 5 choices(until I can make something better). 🙂


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. Love your site, just wondering if you made any daily five choice cards – new to grade 6/7 and everything I have for the daily five looks really primary. Thanks!

    • Jenn-

      I haven’t made any choice cards. What are you looking for? I don’t have any cute graphics, but I would be glad to make something for you! I’m curious about how long you have each class and what all you teach?

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