Tried persuasive lesson today

I tried the 1st part of the persuasive lesson from readwritethink today with my 6th graders. The lesson is broken into 4 parts of 40 minutes each, but I am going to stretch it out even more than that. I only did the part of the 1st lesson where we chose yes or no to the statement: Winter is the best season. Then we shared our arguments about why we chose that answer. We talked about how persuasion is when you are trying to convince someone to believe what you do. Then they worked in teams to record reasons why their group should win the prize that I am offering
(a special snack). I let them share their arguments. We will share again tomorrow.

The lesson went well-they had a good time coming up with reasons why their group should win the prize. Here are a few reasons:

Our team members work well together. We don’t interrupt the teacher. We always do our work. We will share the food with the rest of the class. (Sure!) We eat more than the other students. AND——–

We don’t pass gas in class!!!! 🙂 Leave it to 6th graders!!!

This part of the lesson was very interactive!!! Will post again tomorrow on the next part of the lesson.


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