Monthly Archives: June 2011

Book Challenge-Book#21

This book is short. Very. Read it in under an hour. Like it.

The Promise is a story about a family that is learning how to live without the mother who has died. It’s a story about a dog who will go to great lengths to save his family. Anybody remember Old Yeller? Well, get ready! 🙂

I found it at a thrift store ( I am such a genius). 🙂 I’m glad I picked it up! On my shelf for my 6th graders, I promise! 🙂



Book Challenge-Book#20

This is another book that I have had for awhile and never read OR read to my 6th graders, but it is on the list for next year! Great way to introduce prepositions (oh, the dreadful parts of speech!). 🙂

Under, Over, By the Clover by Brian Cleary

Book Challenge-Book#19

I finally read one of my “adult” mystery books-aaahhh. I do enjoy my adult books even though I have truly come to enjoy my young adult books for 6th grade, too!

Shadow Valley by Gwen Hunter is a story that will sweep you up in it, and you will feel like it is YOUR daughter that has been kidnapped.

Book Challenge-Book#18

This is a book that I have been wanting to read all year because I have heard so much about it. I didn’t have a copy, and neither did our library. I finally found it at a thrift store (I love to shop for books at these places!!). 🙂

It was just as good as everyone has talked about. It touches your heart (and makes you cry). I have found that these kinds of books are becoming my favorite with young adult/6th grade books.

Freak the Mighty-by Rodman Philbrick

There is also another book by this author-Max the Mighty-which is about one of the characters from Freak the Mighty. Gotta get it now! 🙂

Book Challenge-Book#17

This is the 1st Andrew Clemetns book that I have read. This book, The Jacket, is a short one , but brings out an issue that is all too real- “prejudice”. It’s written from a 6th grader’s point of view, and I think a lot of kids would be able to connect with it. It’s not a spine tingler or a hilarious one-it’s just real. I enjoyed it!