Response to Intervention Workshop Session

I attended the AEA East Regional Conference in Anniston today and went to a great little workshop session on response to intervention. To be honest, I had been totally in the dark about this “new” concept since we just started it this past year, and I had nobody in my class that was referred. I was thinking that it was mostly like BBSST-a referral program for a child that was not in special education but was in fear of failing and that it was mainly set up to give the student accomodations to help improve the grades (not necessarily their learning). I was wrong!

Response to intervention is basically Tier I, II, and III. That’s it!!! It is all about giving those struggling students the appropriate instruction to help them with their weaknesses! SIMPLE! Well, simple to understand now-not really simple to actually implement! 🙂

The workshop presenter had us fill out an ABC Brainstorm sheet throughout the workshop-here is what mine looked like at the end.

A-accommodations, assessments-B-behavior, benchmark-C-collaborate, curriculum-D-documentation, data-E-F-G-grades, growth-H-I-instruction, intervention-J-K-L-M-modification, monitor progress-N-O-P-pulling students, planning, proficiency-Q-R-review, remediation-S-strategies, standards-T-Tier I, II,III-U-Universal screening-V-W-X-Y-Z

It was enlightening!

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