Book Challenge-Book #5

I said my next posting for the book a day challenge for this summer was going to be a professional teaching book that I just finished. Well, I PROMISE I am going to post that one soon, but I’ve got to get my thoughts together so it will be a beneficial post to all. So, I am postponing it for now (it has do with reading workshops in the classroom) and posting about a FUNNY book that I read today while I was helping a friend out by running the register at his gas station. Lots of time to read-SIGH! ūüôā

YOU HAVE GOT TO READ SKINNYBONES BY BARBARA PARK-the same author that writes the Junie B. Jones books! This book was hilarious! It was an easy and entertaining read-I think my 6th graders are going to LOVE it! The character (and boy is he a character) is Alex-aka “Skinnybones”-a small kid, not too good at baseball or really much of anything for that matter. His antics in this book are downright comical!! Order it, find it, read it now-I guarantee you will find yourself laughing out loud!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. I am definitely going to take your suggestion for reading this book. I have been looking for some great kid-lit books to read for my own book-a-day challenge. I am heading over to B&N today. Hopefully they have it!

    • You are so going to laugh out loud and love it! I can’t believe that I had about 3 copies of it in my room this past year and NOBODY read it! I recommended it to a few boys because it looked like an easy read, but they didn’t take me up on it! Now I have PROOF that it’s good-I read it! ūüôā

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