Book Challenge-Book#10

I’m not sure if most students would like this book, but I think most students would probably feel the same way that the kids in the book feel about the situation. This book, “Firegirl”, by Tony Abbott, hits on a tough issue that might make your students think-What if?

Tom, the main character, is an insecure 7th grade boy that tends to not speak up too much-Jessica changes that for him in the long run. Jessica is a new girl at Tom’s school-and she is a burn victim with an enormous amount of damage to her body. The kids don’t know what to make of it so they essentially just leave her alone-ignore her. Tom ends up befriending her.

A heartbreaking story-one that would be good to talk to your kids about before they read it and definitely after they read it. It is a short book-but is deep-not for the lighthearted.

As I was looking for the book cover image to insert I found a website that has a unit on this novel. Just listen to the music that plays-it’s so sad. I think I would like to do a reader’s theater on this book next year.



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  1. I am loving your posts on your book challenge. I’m getting so many great ideas for books for my classroom … could be dangerous for me, though – I have a slight (read: HUGE) book addiction. 🙂

    • Oh, I have a book addiction, too! I hope you liked “Skinnybones”-I’m definitely thinking that if one of my students reads “Firegirl” I’m going to have them read something like “Skinnybones” right after it! It took me 1/2 of this morning to shake off that sad feeling after reading “Firegirl”!

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