The Book Whisperer Read Along-Student Surveys

Hey ya’ll! I am hosting the “Whisper” about student surveys in Donalyn Miller’s book-The Book Whisperer. Isn’t this book a true motivator to make us step back, look at our teaching practice for reading, reflect, and MAKE CHANGES???? ūüôā

Last year was my 1st year teaching 6th grade reading/language arts, and I did not give my 6th graders a survey about their reading-however, I did give them one at the end of their 5th grade year when I found out I was going to be teaching 6th grade. I read them, and read them again, to find out about my upcoming students. BUT, I didn’t do much more with them after that. THIS WILL CHANGE!!!

After reading Donalyn’s book, my plans on using student surveys will be more aligned with what she does. It seems like the best way to find out LOTS of information in about 15 minutes for EACH child!

I have not had the time to create my own student survey to use in my classroom (I will not be home from Chicago until July 7th), but I hope to post one on my blog for viewing by this Friday! ūüôā Do you have a favorite survey that you have created that you want to share? Please post a comment about it with a link to your blog so that we can all learn from each other!

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts! ūüôā




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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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