Reading Interest Survey

Sorry this is so late in the week-I just got back from Chicago Wednesday night and am STILL trying to catch up!

I hosted the book study this week of Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer which was about student surveys.

Reading surveys/interest surveys help you get to know your students which in turn leads to more effective instruction. The idea is to take these surveys and comb through them thoroughly to be able to better match your students with appropriate books. I love this quote from Donalyn’s book:

“I mine these surveys for nuggets of information that will form the basis for book recommendations.”

And, she doesn’t just read the surveys and commit them to memory. She actually pulls the books from her classroom library and makes a stack for each student. YES, SHE DOES! Books for her morning class go on their desks-books for her afternoon class have their own place on the floor with sticky notes and names.

I have created my own interest survey for my 6th graders-it’s a revised version from Donalyn’s in The Book Whisperer and Nancie Atwell’s The Reading Zone. I can’t wait to see the results and have a book party with my students in August!

I am uploading a word version and a pdf version so you can choose which one you want! HAPPY SURVEYING!

Interest Survey WORD

Interest Survey PDF



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  1. You mentioned a “book party” in August. Can you explain that to me? thanks!!!

    • Jacquelyn,

      I would have to go back and read my post on the “book party”, and I’m not updating this blog anymore since I’ve created a new one at

      BUT-it was probably a term that referred to just putting books in the hands of kids based on their interest surveys like what Donalyn says in her FABULOUS book-The Book Whisperer. 🙂

      I actually never did that at the beginning of the year like I was going to. Bad teacher. 🙂

      But I did do this-Read Around the Room

      We all sat in a circle. Each student had a book. They all opened their books to the 1st page. When I said “go” they had to read for 2 minutes. When I said “stop” they had to decide if it was a book that interested them. If it was they wrote it on their Books to Read list. Then we passed them to the left. We did this until all 27 students had read the 1st part of 27 books. EASY way to put books in their hands. They choose. 🙂
      Hope this helps!

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