Teching it up!

I have been taking 3 online classes this summer through my state department (FREE!), and all of them have pertained to incorporating technology into the classroom. I’m going to admit-this is one my WEAKEST areas so far!!! It has always seemed like another thing to get done in the course of a day that is already too cramped as it is. Fortunately, these classes have given me some ideas on how to use technology in the classroom IN PLACE of things that might already be taking place. 🙂

So far I have learned about wikis, blogs, pod casts, and social bookmarking. Here is a link that will show you a video about using moodle, google docs, blogs, and wikis:

These are the things that I will try to embed in my plans for the upcoming year:

1. Blogs- have my 6th graders blog about the books they are reading-this would be done throughout the entire year

2. Wikis- have my students write about the character traits of our read aloud (s) that we do; do an author study and create and collaborate on a wiki about the author/books

3. Social bookmarking- I would use this to put the links that I want my students to go to if we do a project like writing a biography about a famous person or if I wanted to build background knowledge about a topic that we are going to be reading about

4. Google docs- I really, really want to have them do a weekly or monthly classroom newsletter. I have never done this before, but I feel like it would be an authentic writing assignment

How do you use technology in your classroom? Do you use any of the above?

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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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