Daily 5 Dilemma…..

My mind is a war zone right now-I am planning on implementing CAFE and The Daily 5 in my 6th grade classroom this upcoming year, but I can’t figure out if I should do Daily 3 or Daily 4 or Daily 1.7??????? Please help!!! 🙂

This is what I’m working with at the moment (I think): After my other stuff (word study, english, read aloud, writing, whole class reading lesson) I think I will have about 50 minutes to an hour for CAFE/Daily. I want my kids to read to self EVERYDAY. I don’t have to have work on words choice because we will do this quickly as a whole class each morning. I’m probably just confusing myself but my question is this:

If I only have 2 rounds each day can I still give them 3 or 4 choices? Without making them do all 3 or 4? Or does that not make any sense? Do I not make any sense? 🙂

I guess what I’m trying to say is I think I would like to let them have 4 choices but with only 2 rounds they don’t have to do all 4 each day-read to self will be the one mandatory. Is that too complicated?

Tell me your thoughts so that I can think your thoughts instead of mine! 🙂


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  1. I hadn’t considered using Daily 5 in 6th grade. I’ll have to give it some thought. Right now, my “centers” are going to be Reflection, Independent Reading, Word Study, Fiction Work, and Nonfiction Matters. I’m posting my plan (as it is now) to my blog next week – maybe Monday? I’ll spend some time reviewing Daily 5 and thinking about how it might work – now, I wonder where my copy of the book is?

    • Your centers sound great. I tried out the daily 5 with my 6th graders toward the end of the year (really daily 2) and they loved it!!! Even my boys that said they HATE to read. 🙂 They begged for it. I had to laugh at your last sentence about finding your book-I have sooooooo many professional books that I have bought (read some and still reading and planning on reading)-it’s hard to keep track! 🙂 Comprehension Connections and Day to Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop and CAFE have been my 3 favorites!!

  2. I am planning in implementing a modified daily 5 and CAFE in my room next year, From what I have read the in an upper grade classroom there rare usually only three rotations anyway. I guess the idea is there are 5 daily options but not 5 actual rotations. I will also require read to self each day but they will be able to select other items. My plan is to have some sort of tracking so they get to the other 3 (since I will do writers workshop on it’s own).

    Excuse the typos I’m doing this on my iPad and it won’t let me go back and fix what I have already typed – ugh

    • Are you planning on doing any reading of the same text as a whole class or JUST 3 mini lessons and then they are off to their choices while you work with small groups and individuals? I only wish I had an ipad! Sigh….

  3. I get the Two Sisters emails, and someone asked this same question. They said just to do what you’re doing – give them the options but they don’t have to do them all every day. Maybe have them do all of them by the end of the week? Just an idea. 🙂

    • Thanks! That sounds possible! You would have though that I could think of that, but my brain is overloaded and not working properly at the moment! 🙂

  4. In my 4th grade classroom, my students have a choice of 4 choices (we also do read to self at a different time) but only two rotations. So they pick which two choices for the day. I require that they do at least all 5 once in a week and they can not do one choice more than 3 times in a week. I hope this helps and make sense. I think daily 5 in 6th grade would work well because the older the students get the more choice/independence they want and that is exactly what Daily 5 is all about.

    • Thanks-I think I’m going to set it up as a weekly thing but read to self will have to be everyday. You are so right-the kids want the option to choose and that is what the Daily 5 structure promotes. In fact, that is what a lot of research that I have been reading lately promotes! 🙂

    • Stacey Williams

      I also teach 4th grade and just finished reading The daily 5, I am beginning to read Cafe this week. I am stuck to a reading story/test each week and am having a hard time figuring out how to get it all in. I like your idea of rotating I would love to have a little more info on how you organize everything with teaching your lessons/standards. Thanks

      • Stacey-

        I don’t have it all planned out yet because this will be my 1st year doing CAFE and Daily 6. I have been posting some stuff on proteacher.net, and one teacher suggested that we read the story on Day 1, and then I teach mini-lessons from the story on the rest of the days. I had not even thought of doing it that way so I am pondering some more on that. Our stories in 6th grade are SO long that I might break it up into 2 days of reading the story and mini-lessons on day 3 and day 4. I am going to the beach Mon-Wed and will work like a dog on all of this stuff when I get back. I promise to keep posting everything I figure out! 🙂

  5. Cheryl Barrios

    I teach third grade and do a modified Daily 5 each day due to curriculum constraints. I think what you need to do is determine what you want your students to do throughout an entire week. If you want each of them to read to self every day that’s 30 minutes of the 50 or 60 minutes each day, about 1/2 of the time. That really only leaves 25 or 30 minutes a day so you can have either another 25/30 minute period or two 12 1/2 minute periods or two 15 minute periods. Say you do 1 other choice for 30 minutes each day, you could have students working on up to 5 additional activities each week. So on Monday, they read to self and some do activity 1, while others do activities 2, 3, 4, and 5. On Tuesday, rotate the activities around, and so on throughout the week. If you want to duplicate the same type of activities you could just do 3 and choose for your students which ones they will do based on individual need.

    As I planned my schedule, I took the Daily 5 need to heart and soon realized it couldn’t be done. I then went through 5 activities available each day rotated them as fast as I could daily. Now I just have 2 activities available each day along with 20 minutes of read to self (required). I move things in still using the Daily 5/Cafe ideas every 2 days. It works wonderfully and I’m not so worried about cramming it all in each day.

    • I was scared that I might try to cram too much in, too-I always do that! I think (after reading everyone’s comments) that I am going to do a “Fab Five” and set it up as a weekly thing with read to self being mandatory each day. I’ll have 2 rounds so they will be able to pick which round to do read to self and the other round each day has to be one of the other four!!! Thanks so much for responding!!! I feel like I have somewhat of a plan now! :):):):):)

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