FAB FIVE finally figured out!

I think I have solved my Daily 5 dilemma from yesterday! I have tweaked it a little to suit my 6th grade classroom/time constraints, etc,etc,etc,etc (aren’t there so many etcs in our lives???). 🙂

I am renaming mine “Fab Five” mainly because we won’t have time to do EVERYTHING on a daily basis. So, my students will still have choices (most important thing), but they will have all week to complete them with the exception of Read to Self-this will me a MUST for each day.

We will only do 2 rounds of CAFE/Fab Five each day-yet another because-because I have to/want to:

1. Teach English

2. Teach Writing separately

3. Teach whole group reading-gonna try and limit this to 15-20 minutes each day since I KNOW that small group/individual instruction is the bomb!

4. I still want to do an interactive read aloud (chapter book) each day


I AM SO HAPPY!!! :):) I am one step closer to organizing this chaotic mind of mine!

I created the “Fab Five” posters to put on my bulletin board in power point. Here is the link to the actual power point file in case you want to edit and use for your classroom.


Here is the pdf file that I converted the presentation to.

FABFIVEposter pdf file

Let me know what you think!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. I am very excited to look through this as I was planning on tweaking it in a similar way!!! I’ll be back with my thoughts.

  2. Well I’m back! I had some communication today with the former 6th grade teacher – and I DON’T have Reading Street. In fact, there are no leveled readers and only about 4 sets of chapter books. I have an old text (Elements of Literature) to use, but some of the manuals are missing.

    After a moment of panic, I emailed critical people – namely my district curriculum specialist. I wanted her input on what my next step should be. She agreed that the next best thing to “guided reading groups” would be a CAFE/Reading Workshop approach! So while I won’t be using your wonderful Reading Street materials, I’ll be joining you on a CAFE/Daily 5 journey!

    Of course, I’m now too hesitant to actually plan ANYTHING until I actually see materials. My sense of karma tells me this all happened because I had everything ready – pacing guide, monthly plans, spelling/vocabulary plans, homework plans. Gah! Maybe I can still use parts of it 🙂

    I’ll be looking over your Fab Five stuff and your CAFE menu to see what will work for me. If I make any adjustments, I’ll let you know. (I’ll post it on my blog and give you credit.) Thanks for your hard work!

    • You poor soul! Just when we think we have it figured out-PLANS CHANGE!! Of course, I am always reflecting and changing my own stuff so I don’t need outside forces stressing me out-I do it myself! 🙂 I’m not wanting to use too much Reading Street stuff, but I might resort to it so that I can really concentrate on the CAFE/Fab Five structure! I’m really excited about doing more small group and individual teaching! Good luck with it all. I can’t wait for the journey to begin!

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