Am I done yet? Am I done yet?

When oh when will I be finished with my classroom? Not to mention all of the plans I want to get together or the forms I want to create or the copies I need to make or the thinking that still needs to be done about english mini-lessons, reading mini-lessons, writing mini-lessons, whole group teaching, small group reading instruction, individual conferring, lesson plan format, decorating classroom door, organizing classroom library, setting up reading and writing notebooks, bulletin boards, OH, YEAH I forgot-I still have a family! Maybe they’ll remember me in 3 weeks when I surface again! 🙂

So I went into my classroom this afternoon to do a few things (and actually did accomplish a little-nobody else was there was the only reason!). I took 4 pictures of the 4 things I accomplished today in 2 hours (holy moly-how am I ever gonna get finished???). 🙂

 classroom library book checkout-each student has a library pocket with their number on it. They write their name on an index card and each time they check out a book they write the date and title. When they return it they draw a line through it. When they fill up a card (smile) they get a new one and staple to the old one (so they will have another record of what they read). This is a VERY simple system!! I’ve probably lost a few books, but it’s worth me not having to manage it. And I just thought of something-maybe I will make each student get another student to verify that they are checking it back in. Hmmm…..

parts of speech word wall-we will add interesting words and vocabulary words to this word wall throughout the year

cafe board-YEA!!!! It’s finished!!!!!!!!!!!

fab five board-this is my version of the Daily 5-we won’t have enough time each day to do 5 things, and I wasn’t really sure about any daily thing so my 6th graders will have to do these by the end of the week with read to self EVERY DAY.

Now I know you are wondering if I like color in my classroom!??!!? I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS. I never do a theme like some teachers because my theme is Color Me Bright! 🙂

What have you gotten ready in your classroom? Are you finished? Well, if you are-I don’t want to hear about it! 🙂


About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. I’m a new follower and already love your blog! It’s great to find a blog this is more fitting for upper elementary. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Thanks! I have found that I love blogging about teaching-it really helps me to reflect, AND it helps things to sink in to my overloaded brain! 🙂

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