Changes are a coming……

Change with a capital “C” is what’s happening at my house right now. My 20 year old stepson moved in 2 weeks ago-has been working 2nd shift and now moving to 1st shift. My 18 year old stepson moved in today. Yes, I said-TODAY!!!! We have 4 bedrooms, but I had taken over one of them to use as my office, school, storage, etc. room. Well, my 17 year old daughter swapped bedrooms with my 20 year old stepson (are you keeping up so far??), and they cleaned out in the swap. They put all of the STUFF they didn’t want in “my” office. So here is what that room “did” look like.


So I cleaned out this room so my 18 year old could have a bedroom. This is what it looks like now since he moved in today (will paint it sometime this week). Not lime green-crimson red! My 18 year old’s friend “tried” to move out of the picture, but I got him! 🙂

What does all this mean for me??? Well, look at the laundry room full of shoes!

And look at the extra dirty clothes:

Now get ready for the doozie!!! This is the black cord that is snaking its way from one end of the house through the living room through the kitchen to the 20 year old’s bedroom so he can play his X-box! 🙂

OMG! I’m exhausted-I think that is the 2nd time I have said that word in the last week! I’m not even going to show you a picture of the “trash” that can’t be taken out since our can is FULL!!!! And I’m certainly not going to show you my new office yet. Guess where it is? In the back of my bedroom closet! Sigh.

I’ve been thinking about a new motto to live by and remember-this is what I have come up with:

Full house=Full heart

Well, I’m off to watch a movie with my daughter-hope I don’t fall asleep!







About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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