Another accomplishment

Finally! Another accomplishment in my classroom. Although I have to confess that most of this had already been done last week-I really only put 2 more sheets up to finish the job! 🙂

We will be setting our reading goal for 40(or maybe 50-haven’t really decided yet-probably need to go ahead and make that decision since the kids start school next Thursday). Each student will hopefully read 40(or 50) books by the end of the year (some will just read more than they did last year). I did this last year, but did not provide enough time in class to read (changing that this year) and didn’t really keep up with it either (gonna work on that this year).

The thing that I am adding this year is to also sort of make it a team competition. I will have 2 classes of 6th graders (24 in each room). Each class will be divided into 2 teams of 12 kids each. We will chart our reading goal progress individually AND by teams-AND we will make it visible by charting it on this closet door. Just another push to hopefully keep them reading! 🙂


About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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