Book challenge-#47

Although this book is essentially a light read about the antics of a 6th grader, it still touches on a very real issue that we face each day in our schools-when a child can’t read or is behind grade level in their reading. This is something we see every day-it would be nice if there was a magic prescription that we could give students when they have reading problems. It sometimes seems like we are spinning our wheels.

Helen, a 6th grader with a reading problem, is the focus of this story. She acts out (because of her disability) a lot in school, gets in trouble quite often, and is the target for cruel children.

This will be my 1st read aloud this year (at the suggestion of Donalyn Miller, author of The Book Whisperer). Although I will use this book to set the stage for our own reading instruction, it will also be an opportunity for a lot of context clue work and compare/contrasts since it is an older book with references to things that the students won’t get. It will also be a good way to work in some character education development.

This is a must read for all teachers to truly understand the embarrassment that we can cause with whole class oral reading. Eye-opener.

 6th Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClements



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