Read and Write 180

I am going to try and write a post for each day of instruction this year. Yes, that’s a big goal, and I might not make it-but, I’m going to start out strong and try to keep it up. 🙂

Today was our 1st day of school-it was very boring for the 6th graders, but also very easy! The majority of our day was spent going over the forms that parents have to sign and send back, going over procedures and routines, going over discipline plan, PRACTICING our procedures and routines, etc……

I had them work on a 2 page packet throughout the day which consisted of an ABC Brainstorm sheet where they had to think of 1 word for each letter of the alphabet that related back to school. The 2nd page of the packet was a “Top 10 Reasons to Be Back in School” sheet.

We did a name art activity that they had to finish for homework if they didn’t finish it in class. They had to draw their first name in bubble or block letters and then color a design/pattern within the name and on the entire background. A few of them finished so I took a picture.

 We will hang these in “OUR” classroom.

We also went over the procedure for checking out books from our classroom library (this includes 54 baskets of books-not including our picture books and easy books). A couple of students were able to check out a book because they finished their names, but everyone will get a book tomorrow!

The day was great-the kids reacted well to all of our procedures/routines. We should have a wonderful year!

The end of the day comment made by one of the students right after school made my day as a reading teacher.

It came up in a conversation she was having with another teacher and was relayed to me.

TEACHER: Did you have a good day?

STUDENT: Yes ma’am, but Mrs. Shannon has 54 baskets of books, and I didn’t even get to touch one!

PRICELESS!!!!!!!!! 🙂



About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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