Behavior Boxes

Someone had asked me about the behavior boxes in my classroom pictures so I though I would devote an entire post to them. It’s a simple idea that my co-worker thought of, and it has worked fabulously for him for 8 years in 6th grade.

Here’s a picture (nothing fancy): They are at the top of the whiteboard on the right side of the screen.

Here is the screen shot of our discipline plan:

You can upload it here:

Discipline Plan

AND, here is a quick explanation. All you need is a small space on your whiteboard to section off 4 boxes.

The 1st time that a student gets into trouble THEY have to write their name in the 1st box. The 2nd time-name goes in the 2nd box, 3rd time- in the 3rd box, and the 4th time-in the 4th box. Very simple! It is seems to be pretty powerful to have the student write their name instead of the teacher writing their name, because the whole class is watching them walk up to the board and back. In face, most of the time it’s pretty embarrassing to the student.

You can read about the actual steps that we take each time in our discipline plan above. This is all about our individual discipline that we administer. We also have a Whole Class Reward system that we implement, and buddy let me tell you-IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE!!!


Each time we or someone else(principal or other teacher, etc.) compliments the “whole class” or the class exhibits good behavior they earn a seed. Yep, just a weensy teensy dry blackeye pea seed. When they earn a seed one of the students gets to put it in their box on the wall. Here’s a picture of the seed boxes:

 Look in the section that has pink border around it-the seed boxes are the 2 plastic boxes attached to the wall by velcro(next best thing to sliced bread)-1 box for my homeroom class and 1 box for Mr. Brady’s homeroom class.

When a class earns 20 seeds they get some type of reward that they vote and decide upon.

BUT REMEMBER-seeds can also be taken away, and this is where whole class AND individual behavior comes into play. So I tell them that is up to them-they have complete control over how many rewards (if any) their class earns in a year!!

That’s all folks!!





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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the SEED idea – I’m totally going to do this with my new class next year (from what I saw of them last year, travelling down the hall was not one of their strengths). Thanks!!!

    • You are so welcome! For some reason, when my kids get to me in the 6th grade-they talk in line, but won’t talk in class! I am the extreme opposite of that-I want them to talk in class and learn from each other and to BE QUIET in line! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I think I will try both of these with my fifth grade class this year. It’s my first time teaching fifth grade and I was looking for a way to step it up. 🙂

  3. I use a similar reward system in my classroom, based on the 123 magic system, although I do seem to have one major issue with your system and that is the element of embarrassment. I honestly believe that a discipline system should never involve any form of public humiliation. Students should take on ownership for the behaviour etc and given opportunity to change it (empowerment) but not be embarrassed.

    • I see your point to a certain degree about embarrassment, but I still have to disagree a little. There are a few reasons that we require the child to go and write their own name in the behavior boxes. One is so that other students are aware of what is and is not tolerated in the school environment, Another reason is to have the student that misbehaved take some type of ownership of the misbehavior which will hopefully remind them to not repeat the infraction. And lastly, when I used the word “embarrassment” I never meant it to be something that would be detrimental to the student that misbehaved-once I ask the student to go and write their name in a box I never say another word to that student in front of the rest of the students, in fact it becomes VERY quiet in the classroom during that time. When I reprimand a student it is ALWAYS in the hall and not in front of their classmates.

  4. Thank you very much! this help me a lot.

  5. I stumbled upon your blog from a link to a link sort of thing in my quest to find stuff for my 6-7th graders. I recently moved up to jr. high and am trying to get ahead of the game! I like your behavior boxes and am figuring a way to incorporate them into my classroom plan but was curious as to what a behavior page looks like? Right now I don’t have a lot of consequences available to use, so I’m intrigued by this since I have never heard of it? Can you share?

    • Sarah-

      My co-teacher and I keep it REALLY simple. If they have to write a behavior page they just take out a loose-leaf sheet of paper and write. They have to write about what they did wrong, why they made that choice, how they would behave differently in the future, etc. REALLY SIMPLE! 🙂 Hope that helps!

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