Read and Write 180-Day 7

We finished our class mission statement today. We sorted our answers to the 7 questions into similar groups and then wrote the mission statement together. Here’s both class’s statements:

Our Class Mission Statement 1st class

Our Class Mission Statemen2 2nd class

I hope they realized through this activity that they have a vested interest in “our” classroom!

We added 2 mini-lesson handouts to our binder-the partner work one and the IPICK one. It was sort of a struggle for them to understand that we are essentially just making a table of contents in our binder so we can reference these handouts if we need to. Maybe it will get easier for them the more we work with it. 🙂

We finished our 100% me poems (well, they still have to do a little more for homework over the weekend even though I just told them this week that I don’t give homework on weekends-oops!!). I’ll try not to let that happen again-I just wanted them to be finished so I can put it all out in the hall for open house Monday night.

I checked homework-6 out of 23 in 1 class and 10 out of 24 in the 2nd class did NOT have their homework. What is up with that? They have had since Monday to do most of it. My coworker said that research says the longer students have to complete a homework assignment the more likely they are NOT to do it. I’ll remember that from now on!!!!!  We played homeworkopoly (this will be every Friday) except the students who didn’t complete their homework!

I went over their ARMT and SAT-10 scores and sent them home for the parents to see. I promised them a party next year if they make scores of 3 and 4 AND if they make a 1 or 2 but their score improved from the 5th grade. I believe in rewarding PROGRESS!!!! 🙂

I’m very happy about my class from last year-94% 3 and 4 scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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    this helped me alot thank you very much

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