Read and Write 180-Day 11

We took our first test today-English. I’ll be interested to see what the grades are-right now we are just reviewing the parts of speech that they should already know (but English is hard for them to retain)!

Finished going over our word study words-have a test tomorrow on them. I’m only doing 10 words per week this year so that we have more time to study/notice things about them instead of just memorizing them.

We had our 1st pep rally of the year (Go Bulldogs!!!!), so my 1st class was cut short. We practiced reading our passage with a partner again and thinking out loud about our reading.

Then I showed them how to answer an open ended question-we will work on this A LOT more! 🙂 I want them to:

1. Restate the question

2. Answer the question

3. Prove their answer using evidence from the text

4. Sum it up (conclusion)

I REALLY want them to be able to do this well-I think it will help them on ALL kinds of questions-not just open ended questions.

We had extra time in the 2nd class so we did some power teaching with some vocabulary from our reading passage. Fun fun!!

Then we did Read to Self while I listened to a few individual kids read to me (assessing their reading).

Got a lot planned for next week!!!!!

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  1. We use a similar answer format in our board: APE – Answer the question, proof from the text, extend your thinking. I added an ‘s’ to mine to make APES – the s stands for super vocabulary and sentence structure.
    I love your classroom updates – it’s so nice to get a daily glimpse of someone else’s classroom.

    Runde’s Room

    • I have heard of the APE strategy. I love reflecting on my day and going through it in my mind, because it helps me think about what worked and what didn’t and what I want to change! 🙂 I know-I’m weird! 🙂 I just hope that I can get my kids to understand finding proof to support their answers-they are not taught that before they get to me, and it is hard to teach when they have been allowed to just write down answers and no evidence! 🙂

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