Is social media correspondence wrong for teachers?

A colleague of mine sent me this news article about a new law that is being passed in the state of Missouri banning private correspondence between teachers and students-current students and all former students who are still minors. Here is the link to this interesting and very controversial law:

What are your thoughts? Do you think that teachers should not be allowed to have correspondence through social media like Facebook? Do you think that it takes away freedom to speech?

Very. Thought-provoking.


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  1. As an educator, I feel that social networking with students (minors) opens the door to liability. On that note, I recommend that teachers lock down their privacy settings on Facebook (you are able to determine who sees you and who doesn’t when they search) and don’t become a fan of your school, or it will add your personal profile to a pool of people, which will include students.

    I’ve created a separate Facebook account to use in case I need to do any networking on the school’s website.

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