Read and Write 180-Day 20

Let’s just hope I can get through this post at 9:26 pm after driving to Fayetteville for a volleyball game, coming home to find that I had left my laptop cord at school (laptop battery is yuck-already cut off on me), and am now using my stepson’s laptop with a looooowww battery!! 🙂 So greetings from “nothing is really going right for me” Shannon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st half of the day was not so good-afternoon was better.

We went over the homework(comprehension thinking sheet) today with a few kids sharing. I’m trying to get them to really “describe” the visualization they have when reading if that is the strategy they are using. This is what I heard today:

I can see Harriet Tubman getting beat badly with a whip.

This is what I said it needs to sound like.

I can see Harriet Tubman getting beat badly with a whip. She has sweat running down her face as well as tears making streaks down her face. She falls to the ground and crawls trying to get away from the pain.

You get the picture. HA! If the strategy that are using is visualization I told them that they need to describe it so that other people who are having a hard time visualizing will be able to make a picture in their mind. Don’t worry-we’ll keep working on this! 🙂

We took a pretend test with our word study words. I called out my version of the definition and had them write the word
(they could look at the words on the board). Then we graded them to see what they would have made if it had counted. I told them this should guide them in their studying tonight for the test tomorrow. Integrity and humility are the 2 words that are really stumping them.

We reviewed subjects and predicates before our english test and then took the test. Hopefully, we will have some improvement since last week. Keep your fingers crossed. Yesterday I had a student ask why we have to learn things like subjects and predicates. I answered with “In the big scheme of things (the overall picture) it will help make you a better reader, writer, and communicator”. 🙂

Now, here is where it gets interesting. I wanted to teach them how to determine importance since that is an important skill they need. The activity we did was a great one! However, next year I will break this activity into 2 days or even 3 days! It took way too long! This is what I had them do. They had to work with a partner and decide on 5 important things in our classroom that we need (have to have) in order to succeed. Then I wrote ALL of their choices on the board. Then we decided as a class (we ended up with about 21 things) to eliminate all but 10. They had to explain how we could still succeed without the ones we were eliminating. Then (I know I’m using that word too much) we narrowed them down to JUST 5 things. We had some good discussions, but we also had some silly far-fetched getting on the teacher’s nerves discussions. 🙂 We’ll do a similar activity with one of our reading passages in the future. And remember-next year this will be broken up into more than 1 day!!!! 🙂 I will post a picture of the activity tomorrow when I can use my own laptop.

I think that’s all we did! Whew!

Tomorrow is “Black Em Out” Friday for our pep rally/football game!!! I’ve already painted my toenails BLACK!


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  1. Hi, this is Nancy from The Apple Basket Teacher! I had seen some things online about ‘Picnik’ a FREE photo site. I tried it out, you simply upload your photo and you can add text and stamps…I’m sure there is more you can do, but that’s as far as I got so far!!! Happy Blogging!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

    • Nancy-

      I have heard of “Picknik”, but never really looked at it. Thanks for the info! I like how you did your pictures! 🙂

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