Read and Write 180-Day 22

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, happy day!!!! Good thinking, good laughing, and good behavior. What a great mix! Please let it be like this from now on!!! 🙂

Word study-copied 1st 6 words, segmented, and kid friendly definition-then we discussed the 1st 3 words. Our words this week mainly have to do with literary elements (plot, conflict, etc) and comprehension skills that we have to be able to complete after we read( cause and effect, main idea, etc)

English-We are learning the preposition song (sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy)-there are only 36 prepositions in this song (there are waaaay more in our English language!). I told the kids that if they learn it and can sing it to me (not in front of the class) without messing up by this Friday they will earn a 100 point grade in English. This is NOT mandatory for them to learn and sing to me-optional. But, I did explain how much it would help their grade! Hint-hint 🙂 Then we identified a few prep phrases that I wrote on the board. After that, the kids worked in groups to create their own prep phrases using the prepositions from the song sheet. Here is a picture of our work:

Writing- We will learn how to compare and contrast in writing this week. Today we created a venn diagram to list characteristics of “dirt roads” and “paved roads”. We should have lots of schema (background knowledge) of dirt roads!! 🙂 Here is a picture of our venn diagram that we made on the board:

We will end up taking this information and writing an essay comparing and contrasting these two things later this week.

I read 1/2 of chapter 8 in our read aloud-6th grade Can Really Kill You. We worked on predictions again with a couple of inferences. I think I’ll start practicing “making connections” in my think alouds.

Our reading passage this week is “Hitchhikers in the Bathroom”. We talked about what a hitchhiker is, then I had them skim the passage to find and list any things in the passage that they think are the hitchhikers. We’ll read the passage with our partners tomorrow to see if we were correct.

We talked a little bit about a setting of a story.

We had time to do Read to Self and Work on Writing.

My homeroom class worked in groups to think of a theme for our classroom door since this week is Spirit Week (Homecoming). We voted on all the GREAT ideas and chose “Light up the Tigers”. We are going to decorate our door by having a tiger hanging from a pole over a campfire (like a rotisserie pig). 🙂

My afternoon class got to listen to the junior class read their short stories (they have been working on story elements). The juniors did a really great job!

Check back tomorrow for Day 23!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. I am doing prepositions this week too! Great minds think alike!

    • Katie-

      And you just reminded me that I didn’t upload the actual song lyrics that I typed up after finding them on someone else’s site! I really wish my 6th graders like English as much as I do! 🙂

  2. Jealous – oh, how I long for good behaviour … we’re so not there yet … can’t believe how chatty my class is … and how long it takes them to follow instructions … … we’ll get there (hopefully sooner than later).

    Runde’s Room

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