Read and Write 180-Day 39

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Fun with action verbs today! First we did what we always do-labeled a sentence. They’re getting pretty good. 🙂 Then I had them work with partners to identify and highlight 29 action verbs on a page that I had typed from a book-The First Day of School…Forever. I chose this certain page because of the good action verbs on it. Here is the page that I typed up:


Then I read the page out loud and emphasized the verbs so they could check themselves. THEN, I assigned different paragraphs to different rows of students and they had to act out the part that I read. Too funny! With my 2nd class we actually went outside after we did this and the WHOLE class acted out the WHOLE page. I was laughing so hard-I told them I felt like I was in the “Thriller” video!! 🙂 You’ll understand after you read the page! Hopefully, I engaged most of their senses to help them remember what an “action verb” is!

We did our interactive read aloud-they are becoming great predictors. This is one of my favorite times of our day!

I attempted to teach them how to identify the main idea of a text, and then explained to them that a summary includes the main idea with a few details to support the main idea. I just want them to understand that a summary is NOT retelling the story! I’ll really show them tomorrow how to write a good short summary. Here is a picture of the main idea graphic organizer that we will use to remember how to identify the main idea.

I wrapped up my review of how to write our reading response letters-from now on I will just work one on one with each child if they are still struggling to write a good one! I think their eyes were beginning to glaze over! 🙂

CAFE mini-lesson #1-The main idea lesson

Round#1-Small group#1 and #2-Finished up our little story from Monday/Tuesday. I tried to combine 2 groups to see how that worked which would leave me more time for small group/individual conferences. Well, 9-10 students in a small group make it NOT A SMALL GROUP anymore! 🙂 Didn’t like it. Too many mixed abilities-too many kids. I think I have it figured out-will tell you about it at the end of this post.

CAFE mini-lesson#2-I read a picture book to them, Big Smelly Bear, but didn’t show them the pictures. They had to try and create images in their mind while I read. Then they chose a part at the end of the book, had to write about their visualization, and 1 person shared. First I shared mine. Both students that shared had written good visualizations-can it be that they are catching on???? 🙂

Round#2-I conferenced with 1 student about a behavior plan.

OK-this is my solution for small group time thanks to a 5th grade teacher that I talked to after school. I am ONLY going to work with my most struggling readers in small groups each week, the rest of my time will be spent individually conferring with ALL students. That is the only way that I am going to have time to do individual conferences each week, and I think these will benefit my students even more than small group instruction. Make sense??  Gonna try it and see-will post about it over the next week!


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  1. LOVE the anchor chart for summarizing the main idea – SO much nicer than mine! It’s so hard to get them to summarize, and not retell – I think they’re trying to please me when they write reams and reams … when I only want a summary! It’s so hard to get them past this. We spent 3 weeks doing these kind of short summaries (and gist summaries, and SWSBT summaries), and when it came time for DRA tests, they still wrote a page for a summary … so frustrating!!!

    • Well, I saw your cute summary chart (Somebody,But, etc) and was going to do that, but I had used this main idea hand to teach JUST the main idea last year and that worked for main idea. I didn’t really teach summarizing last year(I know-just shoot me!). But I thought that since I DON’T want the whole story retold (and believe me-that’s what they have been doing), maybe this main idea hand would help them narrow down what to write SO- tomorrow I am going to show them how to write down the main idea and add a few details to support that main idea. I’ll post toward the end of this week and let you know if they “GOT” it! 🙂 I really wish they would begin in about the 3rd grade teaching summarizing and the difference between retelling and summarizing! I tell my 6th graders that if I wanted to know EVERYTHING about their book I would just read the book! 🙂

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