Read and Write 180-Day 52

Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy day. Good day.

English- Well, I wish I could tell you that I taught subject and object pronouns today during our English time since that was on my lesson plans, but I didn’t! I guess it was a typical Monday where I had left my brain at home so we labeled a sentence (and no, I didn’t even put a pronoun in it!!!!!). I’ll get on track tomorrow! Maybe! 🙂

Word study- Spelling-I’m teaching the use of apostrophes for possessives-yes, that is a 3rd grade skill that we are still having a hard time with. What’s funny is that they were actually asking questions about it during the teaching!! Which means they were thinking! 🙂 I used the following 3 words to teach this: crows, crow’s, crows’ – I told the kids that they would not be tested on these 3 words this Friday, they will be tested on the rule and have to apply it to other words.

I read several more “scary” stories to them today-the last one really got them because I had to yell at the end! We were all laughing because it sounded like I only had girls in the class with all the screaming that occurred! 🙂

We went over our “Old Yeller” reading test today-I wanted to use it as a teaching tool so they would know the correct answers and WHY they were the correct answers. Hopefully, this helped them as much as studying before the test!

Gave out graded papers. YES, you should be proud of me! 🙂

Read to self and Work on Writing time went well. I was going to “shush” two of my boys for talking until I realized that one was helping the other one write his reading response letter! 🙂 Gotta love that kind of teaching!

We had a faculty meeting after school about student engagement and the new ARMT+ state test. The student engagement was good-reminded me to do those exit slips that I have only used 1 time this year! The ARMT+ just scared me since the questions are now more higher level thinking questions than they have been in the past. This higher level thinking is what is just plain hard for some of my kids!

This afternoon I went to a soccer game as requested by a couple of our 6th graders-THEY ARE GOOD PLAYERS!!!! 🙂 Go Tyler, Tanner, and Clay!!!

Hope the rest of this week is as good as today was!



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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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