AEA continues fight for public education

Today was day#74 at school, but I wasn’t there. 🙂

I’m at the Alabama Education Association Delegate Assembly in Montgomery, AL. I am on the AEA Board of Directors, and we had a meeting this morning (and 1/2 of the afternoon :)) to vote on a replacement for Dr. Hubbert and Dr. Reed who have both been with AEA for over 40 years and have fought long and hard to make AEA what it is today!

Greg Graves will replace Dr. Reed, and Dr. Henry Mabry will replace Dr. Hubbert. They both have BIG shoes to fill!!!

Here’s the link to the news article concerning the replacement choices from WSFA’s website (my favorite local news channel-they are so PRO public education!).

We have a huge fight on our hands already with the legislative session coming up in the new year-lots of anti-education bills. But we are strong and we are determined to fight for educators, support personnel, and the children of Alabama!!!!!! 🙂


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