Read and Write 180-Day 80

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Friday was our test day. I used to give our english test on Thursdays, as well as a reading test, but now I have moved ALL TESTS to Fridays. Let me explain.

First of all, we need 4 FULL days of instruction and reading and discussing and analyzing with our weekly story that we read because this reading test is H.A.R.D. Are you following me? It is HARD! It is a test that requires high level thinking, critical thinking, and the ability to choose the best answer out of 4 choices, and let me tell you that usually there are 2 choices for each question that really seem like they could both be the answer. This is the test where there are usually about 21 or so D/F grades out of 49 students. So we are  taking Thursdays to partner read the story with a reading guide to help us in our partner discussions. (Thanks, Becky, for this WONDERFUL partner read sheet!). You should have seen how engaged they were during this time on Thursday. I took pictures and posted about it HERE .

Another reason that I moved all tests to Friday is that I just want all of our tests on 1 day. It interrupts the flow of our classroom and day so it might as well be just 1 day. In our district we have to have 10 grades per subject per 6 weeks. Whew! That’s a lot of grades! I know one of our teachers said she sent home 25 graded papers with each student for a time period of 1 1/2 weeks. (She has a self-contained classroom) It makes you wonder when we teach?????? So for times’ sake, the kids’ sake, and MY sake, all of our tests/grading things will be on Fridays!

Now let me tell you about our Friday. Oh, yeah, we tested! That’s about it. We took our english test, our weekly story reading test, a fresh read test(that is a true test of their ability to read and comprehend), an AR test on our weekly story(that will hopefully help their reading grades some), and they wrote a paragraph that I will grade. Remember that a couple of weeks ago I had said that I was DROPPING spelling and the english workbook pages because in my opinion it was not helping them and has never really helped them.

So, Friday was our test day. We did review english before we took that test, and they had PLENTY of opportunity to reread/study for their reading test which most of them do NOT do.

But that HARD reading test? We only had 11 D/F grades this time. 🙂 Maybe I’m on to something with this partner reading!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. Oh Shannon:
    I am SO happy that things are turning around. A little success can be really motivating–at least enough to have us try again another day. I think your reassessment of “what works” is right on target. Hooray for YOU!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    • Kim-

      Hooray, hooray, hooray!!! I’m rewarding them this last full week before break with a TOTALLY ROCKING SLEW OF FUN ACTIVITIES!!!! Of course, they will all be reading and writing and tied to the standards! Of course! 🙂

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