Read and Write 180-Day 81

Monday, December 12, 2011

What a fun day! We only have this week and 1 1/2 days next week before we get out for Christmas vacation SO-we are “reviewing” this week. We are not reading a story out of our textbook this week-we are doing a Christmas readers’ theater-“Goldilocks and the Christmas Elves”. Here is a link to the script:

It is on this website:

I have 24 kids in 1 class and 25 in the other. We will have a total of 4 groups performing. The kids were ecstatic about it!!!! It’s a super cute and funny play.

We also caught up with some emails from our wonderful truckerbuddy. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program go to their website and read all about it: It’s totally free, and we have been connected with a super husband/wife team from our own state of ALABAMA!

We worked with our English sentence and wrote our paragraphs and edited. Always fun. For me anyway! 🙂

We read another article on reindeer for our informational reports and took notes. Tomorrow we will do sort of a rotation in groups to get more information from a few more sources. That will finish up our “research” part, so we will try to put all of our information into an outline on Wednesday and write the report on Thursday. I may have pushed it too close-I hope we finish!

We also made Christmas cards for the military people that will not be coming home for the holidays. First I read them a picture book-“The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy for Christmas”. Then I had them think about what they have asked for this Christmas and then we talked about how what we want is probably A LOT different than what our military people want for Christmas! The cards are going to turn out to be so amazing. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and post.

Good night!



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