How do you feed your reading life?

The reading guru, Donalyn Miller, wrote a great post about feeding our reading lives. Check it out here:

She is the author of The Book Whisperer. 

So how do you feed your reading life? I have always LOVED to read-it’s a passion of mine. Until recently though, I have not really shared that passion with other people or kept up with my reading. This past year I found a goldmine: Goodreads This website is one where you can keep up with your books that you want to read or have already read, write reviews about books, read other people’s reviews, and see what other people are reading. It is awesome! I actually set a goal to read 211 books this year. I have read 138 so far.

I have recently found Twitter, and it is a GREAT place to talk with others about great books!

I have also started blogging about what I am reading-I plan on catching up on this over the Christmas break because there are A LOT of books that I have read recently that I want to blog about!

There’s also a new reading blog called The Nerdy Book Club where you will be able to discuss books, vote on your favorite books, and other things!

These are some of the ways I “feed” my reading life-how do you feed yours?


About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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