Reading Book Wars

Read and Write 180-Day 89: Friday, January 6th, 2012

Can we allow fighting in our classrooms over books? 🙂

Since we completed our read around the room thing yesterday with our books, I decided to raffle off the “hot books”. Babymouse was the biggest contender with SMILE being another hot one. I actually raffled off all of them-surprisingly there were only about 4 out of 24 that didn’t have to be raffled with only 1 or no students wanting them.

I brought both classes together and I went through each book by holding it up and book talking it again. If they wanted that book they had to write their name on a little slip of paper and put it in my box. Then a student would draw out the winning name. Some of the students weren’t bidding on anything UNTIL Babymouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were holding out for Babymouse!!!! 🙂

Well of course I save that one for last. I saved SMILE and Babymouse for the last 2. You should have heard the groans of disappointment from the students who didn’t win Babymouse!!! But the room went wild when I said that I had a surprise and pulled the 2nd Babymouse book from my desk. Seriously, WILD! So we had a 2nd drawing for that one.

Then since we had to take a computer reading test and had extra time to read while waiting on other people to finish Babymouse was read by at least 4 or 5 students YESTERDAY!! 🙂 They were passing it around to each other. Oh, I can’t wait to buy the rest of them. With my own money. If that’s what it takes! I might even do some kind of Babymouse reading challenge and celebration party!!! The possibilities!!! 🙂

I had asked them to raise their hands if they wanted to read Babymouse and this  is the response. From 6th graders!     Babymouse, here we come!


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  1. I have this book on my bookshelf in class and my 5th graders seem to show no interest in it. I was so surprised to see that your 6th graders wanted to read this book so badly! How did you gain their interest? Maybe I’ll pull mine off the shelf and feature it again.

    • Christina-

      I think one thing that hooked them was the fact that it is a graphic novel. Also, the day before we did Read Around the Room where they had to read the 1st page or so of a book (I timed them for 2 minutes) and then pass it around. So they ended up reading the 1st part of 24 books. During that time I kept talking up Babymouse! 🙂

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