Much deserved weekend

Whew! What a week. Between hidden notebooks and stolen items, forgotten passwords, and failing test grades, I am happy it’s Friday. 🙂

At least we get to start over on Monday. So I’m going to try and take this weekend for myself and my family! (Mostly) 🙂

After school today I completed Week 4-Day 2 of my couch25k training program (YEA, me!), and then we finished painting Coach K’s office. IT LOOKS GREAT! Red and white-Go Wadley Bulldogs!

Tonight my daughter and I are going to watch some movies at the hacienda. Tomorrow is my 1 year old great-nephew’s birthday party in Georgia. Tomorrow night my husband finally comes home for his short weekend (he works 6 days a week in GA). Sunday will be my last day to of week 4 training. Might do some part-time job stuff. Might not. 🙂

So-a little laziness mixed in with a little bit of productiveness.

How about you? What’s planned for your weekend?



About shannonjoe

I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. Hi Shannon:
    You know how I am low tech when it comes to all things… well, technological? I found a gadget in the “layout” section of Blogger and put it on the page for you. I don’t know if that will circumvent any of the problems you were having with my site. Do either of those items apply to you? (They came in a pair; they both posted together without any decision-making on my part). I don’t even know what the drop down choices are!

    Sometimes I think my blog is one giant glitch. People have said they cannot leave comments. And sometimes my posts won’t appear on my blog roll (or anyone else’s!) And then there is poor Shannon who doesn’t get any of my blog-mail (even though it is fairly boring stuff!)

    I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and that the kids aren’t treating you too badly. Just think: There are TWO No-School days in February!!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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