Fact and Opinion

This week we have been working on distinguishing between facts and opinions. Whoa!!! Didn’t realize it would be that difficult! I used a 2 page article from the WONDERFUL site of Wonderopolis about the Appalachian Trail. (I have ONCE AGAIN changed our reading structure-don’t laugh- but will write more about that in a later post!). We have also been talking about our schema this week.

We read the article on Monday after MUCH schema (background) building. We partner read it on Tuesday and each group had to pick out facts and opinions from the article. We also GREATLY discussed some pertinent(important)(I’m trying to become a word wizard!) vocabulary.

Today each group had to pick either a fact or opinion (I told them which one) and write it on a sentence strip and put it on the board under that category. We read each one, decided if we agreed with its placement, and then talked about how we would prove or disprove the facts. Boy, are they having a difficult time with this! But the good news is: we will be focusing on it again next week! (That’s the change I mentioned earlier, but you’ll have to check back for that complete post!). 🙂


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  1. Hi Shannon:

    Just read about more storm damage in Alabama.
    So I am stopping by to check on you.
    (You know how I worry)
    I hope you are okay.
    Sending GOOD THOUGHTS your way!


    • Kim-

      It makes me feel so good to have you check on me!! We were spared yet again from the tornadoes-they hit Eagle Creek (about 15 miles from my home) and Buttson (about 9 miles from my home). I know we won’t be spared forever, but I’m very glad that we have been so far! My youngest step-son and I went to a neighbor’s basement at about 10:50 pm Friday night. That’s the 1st time we have ever left our home, but the local news said it was on the ground in our county and headed for our little town. My husband seems to think that these natural disasters are the way that God is going to take us this next time. It does seem to be worsening!

      On a lighter note-I have lost 21 pounds since the beginning of January with my running!!! And I have REALLY gotten behind in my blogging!!! 🙂

      Hope your year is going great-I’ve never been more ready for summer! 🙂

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