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Need some magic

It’s plain and simple. I need some magic. Something to put the “get up and go” back in my 6th graders. 🙂 They are so tired of ARMT practice-and so am I!!! I mean it’s actually easier on me because I don’t have to really plan that much. It’s just a bunch of reading passages/questions that I have to copy. So my life as a teacher is E.A.S.Y. right now and B.O.R.I.N.G. 🙂

Every day I have them do some reading packets independently and then we go over them together discussing the why and why not for each one. Yesterday we started working on answering open ended questions (We have actually done this all year with our fresh reads). Each day we are going to answer 1 open ended question TOGETHER. I’m talking-complete teacher guidance. 🙂

We use the RAPS method that I sort of came up with this year:

R-Restate the question(Do you know how hard this is for some of them?)

A-Answer the question(This comes from their own head)

P-Prove their answer(Pulling something from the passage to prove their thoughts)

S-Sum it up

BUT, sometimes the questions don’t lend themselves to the EXACT RAPS method so that throws them OFF! 🙂

Anyway, we will continue to practice this week and the next. Our ARMT begins on April 10th. Thank goodness it is only 4 days!!!!!!! Then we will be back to normal for 1 week and then SPRING BREAK!!! Did you hear me??? FINALLY, spring break!! 🙂

Anybody else have a spring break that is late like ours?


Anyone looking for kindle books?

Look no further than this great website.

Mrs. Suntken over at Suntken’s  Stars was kind enough to write a post about this fantastic website so check it out along with her blog. 🙂

Great science website

I haven’t had time to investigate this site too much, but it looks like a goldmine for those who teach science.


I just have one question

Is it spring break yet?

Unit 4 study guides DONE!

Nothing like going backwards! I have now uploaded the Unit 4 study guides in both word and pdf format to the unit 4 pages.

Unit 6 will be done sometime next week-unless I have time tomorrow! 🙂