Procrastination and Personification

Let’s start with the 1st one. Even though I really want to put it off. Tee-hee. Yes, I have been procrastinating LATEly. As usual. It’s one of my MAJOR weaknesses! 🙂 I PROMISE I am going to upload the study guides for Units 4-5-6 very soon and respond to the 19 comments that are in my comment box WAITING on me. I am so sorry! Life has been busy, but I am going to tackle it soon.

I really need to go ahead and do this since I MAY be teaching only science next year to 5th and 6th graders. It’s not final yet, but there are 4 of us that are tossing the idea around-for some reason I am ready for a change.

Moving on to personification. We have been focusing on this since Monday. We have found examples within our story this week-The River That Went to the Sky. We have created our own personification sentence in groups. AND, my favorite-I showed them this video today to REALLY bring it home!

My favorite piggy of all time-well, I still love Ms. Piggy from The Muppets! 🙂

We took a little quiz today on personification and there was only 1 F out of 52 kids!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! If you have been following me lately you know this is wonderful! I had some C grades and the rest were 100s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEA for us!


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I teach 3rd grade. Love Jesus, teaching, reading, running, and working out.

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  1. So there are four teachers on your grade level? This year you are the reading teacher? We have four teachers. This year we are all teaching 4 subjects each. Math and Reading are levelized so those classes aren’t 100 percent our homeroom. We are considering compartmentalization. What are your ideas on grade level organization. Pros and Cons of the different methods. You seem to be a very diligent teacher so your opinion matters to me.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Mrs. Hall. Currently, Mr. Brady and I teach 6th grade. There are only 2 classes of 6th graders (this is true for each grade level at our school-some only have 1 class-we are a small school). I teach reading/language arts, and he teaches math, science, history. However, next year we are CHANGING! The 2 5th grade teachers and me/Mr. Brady will teach 5th AND 6th grade so it will look like this:

      Mr. Brady-Reading
      Mrs. Bailey-Math
      Mrs. Jones-History

      We will all teach our homeroom English.

      So I will be teaching 4 classes of science-2 5th grade classes and 2 6th grade classes.

      Within each class is an ASSORTMENT of abilities from low to high-we don’t levelize although I think that might be a little easier for the teacher and in some ways better for the students. the only thing I would worry about is that the lower students don’t get to hear the thinking of the higher level students and they need that.

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