Finally some fun!

Still practicing for the ARMT. Still being bored. Still longing for the state test to disappear forever in a black hole out in space get here and get gone. :)

But at least we had some fun today. The juniors and seniors played in a Powder Puff game today. My daughter was one of them. Her team lost. :)

This was our one cheerleader, Bailey, who was cheering for the juniors. Boo! :)  He did 2 toe touch jumps-can’t wait to see him walk tomorrow. :)    That’s my #5 throwing that lethal block. :)      AND here are some of our “tough” 6th graders getting out of the sun so they won’t bake. :)



    Don’t ask me why these pictures won’t get in the right place for me tonight! I can’t get my cursor to drop down below the pics. Oh, well-you can see we had a fun afternoon. The kids needed this!

About shannonjoe

I teach 5/6 grade history and 5th grade english. I am a lover of all things reading, running, and teaching!

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