ARMT Open Ended Student Samples

Here are some student samples of open ended responses from the 6th grade ARMT with different scores and comments. The way I use these in my classroom is:

First, pass out the open ended rubrics to the students with the number cards (0, 1, 2, 3). Then read and discuss the ARMT open ended rubric with the class so they will understand the expectations for the open ended responses.

1. Show each student response on the ELMO projector to the class

2. Ask the students to hold up one of the number cards (0, 1, 2, 3) to show how they would score it

3. Discuss why the score team scored the student sample the way they did

  1. Stephanie Clabough

    I just wanted to share the Common Core Correlations for 6th Grade Scott Foresman. We use the 2008 edition and the correlations in the link below are quite helpful. Reading Street Grade 6 2008 Teachers guide to CCS_0328671088.pdf

  2. Stephanie Clabough

    OK, I don’t know why my link above doesn’t work, but if you give me an e-mail address I can forward you the correlations for 6th grade. It might cut down on some of your work for this summer. 🙂

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