ARMT Rubric

I took a rubric that the ARI people had designed and modified it to fit our needs in 6th grade. This rubric is intended to help the students understand how their open ended responses will be scored on the ARMT. It is written in student friendly language! 🙂

Even though a student can score as high as a 4 on the overall ARMT score, each open ended response can only score as high as a 3.

I have started using the word “proof” to help my students understand what details are since some of them struggle to find “details” in the passage/text to help support their answers. If anyone has any ideas on some good ways to teach this PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! 🙂 🙂

Open Ended Response Rubric


OpenEndedResponseMiniLesson (This was not created by me-it was created by Debra Bareno and Holly Young-I can’t remember what site I found it on, but they use the ACE (s) method to teach open ended responses. I borrowed several of their ideas to create my own stuff to use with my kids)


Directions for Using the RAPS Method

This sheet is for each student to check their own open ended responses and score them.

My Own Evaluation for Open Ended Response Answers

This sheet is for students to check each other’s responses.

Peer Evaluation for Open Ended Response Answers

This sheet is for me to check the students’ responses.

Teacher Response to Open Ended Answers

This chart is for the students to track their own progress on open ended responses and set goals for themselves.


These cards can be cut apart and the students can glue them in their reading notebooks after you have taught them how to construct open ended responses so they can refer back to them if they need to.

RAPS Cards for Mini Lesson



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