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Almost Back to School

Christmas break is over. Sigh. It’s back to work.

I’m ready to see my kids, ready to teach, but NOT READY to:

1. Wake up before 9am

2. Not be able to read for hours at a time

3. Give up my free time

Seriously, I feel like I really accomplished a lot over break. Spent time with family. DH was on vacation for 9 days. (DH stands for “darling husband” in case any of you were thinking something not so nice :)) Cooked A LOT! Organized closet. Cleaned out laundry room (most of it). Cleaned out kitchen desk drawers-I actually have a drawer that is empty right now in case anyone needs to rent one! Learned how to download music to my NEW android phone. (My checking account is not going to like me for this) Read 70 books. Yes, I said 70, but 57 of them were picture books. Had to reach my reading goal for 2011 which was 211 books. I met it and passed it. 🙂 If you want to read or follow my NEW reading/book blog just go on over to

I also started training to run a 5k this year. I’m serious. 🙂 I am 5″1 and let’s just say “fluffy”. I can’t diet. Or rather I won’t diet because I LOVE food too much! But I did used to run in my teens. I have even run in 2 different 5k races before-one when I was 17 and one when I was 26. But seeing as I am now 41 that was a looooong time ago. My husband doesn’t think I will be able to do it. I’m going to set him straight. 🙂

So I have downloaded an app to my phone-Couch25k. It is a 9 week training program that has you gradually build up to running 3 miles. This is week 1. It has you jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 60 seconds, you get the picture. Then it increases the jogging time each week. It is a 3 day a week program for 9 weeks. The app will count the time and tell you when to start jogging, when to start walking. All while music is playing. Cool, huh? And whoever knew that even though I don’t like pitbull dogs I DO like Pitbull the singer!!!!!!! 🙂 So if you’re interested in joining forces with me to run a 5k this year you can read all about this program at

You can also follow my progress (or lack of) at my NEW fitness blog (am I addicted to blogging?):

Now, let me wrap up (since you do have a job and can’t sit and read my posts all day!) by saying that we had a site-based inservice today at school. The kids return Thursday. I finished grading papers, posted my grades, cleaned and straightened AND rearranged room, prepared for Thursday, went to a meeting, hunted for another student desk since we are getting 2 new boys this week for a total of 51 students in 2 classes!

And I got my 6 dictionaries that I ordered. Now for some of you that’s not a prize. But it is for me since I only had 3 different elementary dictionaries that don’t even have words like tree, car, and dog in them. Just kidding. But they were very basic. These new bad boys are INTERMEDIATE DICTIONARIES FOR MY INTERMEDIATE KIDS!!! You may be asking why I didn’t order a class set. Well, there’s this thing called money. And it’s not plentiful right now. 🙂

Here’s a picture of my BEAUTIFUL new dictionaries.

Aren’t they a pretty shade of green???

Now, I’m going to let you go after this extra long post. 🙂