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Brainiac teaching

You probably know by now that I am wanting to change my approach to teaching reading next year for my 6th graders. We use the Scott Foresman Reading Street reading program K-6 (I teach 6th), and this whole year I have felt like I was teaching the story each week instead of teaching them the skills/strategies they need to really increase their thinking and learning ability. So- I am wanting to do lots of different things next year with my new group of 6th graders. I have been reading a little about brain based learning, but this summer I am planning on reading even more books about the brain and learning. I definitely want to read Teaching With the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen.

I am also wanting to incorporate some reading of newspapers and short stories and articles into my reading program. I found this 7th grade level article on the brain that I plan on using at the very beginning of the year. I want my students to know about the brain and how connections are made in their brain. Here is the article that I plan on reading with them:

I also have included a link to a teacher’s blog that has a GREAT hands-on activity about the brain that I plan on doing with my 6th graders at the beginning of the year:

This teacher is getting her master’s degree in brain compatible learning. I can’t wait to do this with my kids next year! 🙂