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Classroom reward system

I’ve had a request from a fellow blogging teacher to know more about my classroom reward system so here it is in a nutshell! My coworker and I do this as a whole class reward system (he uses paperclips, I use dry blackeyed pea seeds). The S.E.E.D. idea came from a K-8 Teaching magazine several, several years ago-however, my coworker was already using the paperclip system when I moved from Kindergarten to 6th grade last year, and it has ALWAYS worked for him!

Here is the actual explanation for the acronym in a word document:


Here’s the way it works:

We MODEL, MODEL, MODEL the 1st week of school our procedures, routines, and rules for our classroom and transitioning times. I mean, we MODEL and PRACTICE OVER and OVER!! Just ask the kids!! 🙂

The actual SEED part of it is for our transition times-For example, anytime that we are in a line outside the classroom(my kids never line up in the classroom, there’s not enough room) whether we are going to the bathroom, lunch, swapping classes, etc. they have to be in a straight line and NOT talking. We always have 2 students that act as hall monitors that are responsible for doing what I, the teacher, would do: Keep them in line and quiet. The hall monitors are responsible for getting a student’s number if they break a rule and writing it in our behavior boxes on the board when we return to the room. (They can remember all of this A LOT better than we can) 🙂

Periodically, the class will earn a seed for good behavior, good transitioning, or when another adult compliments their behavior. We put the seeds in a clear box that I have attached to the classroom wall with velcro. When they reach 20 seeds (hasn’t happened this year yet) then they will receive a reward-maybe a popsicle party, extra time on the playground, movie, etc.

They can also LOSE seeds for misbehavior, and BOY do the get upset with the student or students that cause that to happen! 🙂

Our transition times are REALLY quiet-I’m not saying that we never have to say something to them while they are in line (we all know life is NOT perfect), but it is not a battle! These times are some of our most peaceful throughout our day! 🙂

Right now I think that one of my classes is at 9 seeds while the other class is at about 6 seeds. But let’s just say that I actually don’t reward them like I should or they would have already met the 20 seed requirement! They know that they CAN’T ask for a seed!!!

Hope this explains it a little!


Behavior Boxes

Someone had asked me about the behavior boxes in my classroom pictures so I though I would devote an entire post to them. It’s a simple idea that my co-worker thought of, and it has worked fabulously for him for 8 years in 6th grade.

Here’s a picture (nothing fancy): They are at the top of the whiteboard on the right side of the screen.

Here is the screen shot of our discipline plan:

You can upload it here:

Discipline Plan

AND, here is a quick explanation. All you need is a small space on your whiteboard to section off 4 boxes.

The 1st time that a student gets into trouble THEY have to write their name in the 1st box. The 2nd time-name goes in the 2nd box, 3rd time- in the 3rd box, and the 4th time-in the 4th box. Very simple! It is seems to be pretty powerful to have the student write their name instead of the teacher writing their name, because the whole class is watching them walk up to the board and back. In face, most of the time it’s pretty embarrassing to the student.

You can read about the actual steps that we take each time in our discipline plan above. This is all about our individual discipline that we administer. We also have a Whole Class Reward system that we implement, and buddy let me tell you-IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE!!!


Each time we or someone else(principal or other teacher, etc.) compliments the “whole class” or the class exhibits good behavior they earn a seed. Yep, just a weensy teensy dry blackeye pea seed. When they earn a seed one of the students gets to put it in their box on the wall. Here’s a picture of the seed boxes:

 Look in the section that has pink border around it-the seed boxes are the 2 plastic boxes attached to the wall by velcro(next best thing to sliced bread)-1 box for my homeroom class and 1 box for Mr. Brady’s homeroom class.

When a class earns 20 seeds they get some type of reward that they vote and decide upon.

BUT REMEMBER-seeds can also be taken away, and this is where whole class AND individual behavior comes into play. So I tell them that is up to them-they have complete control over how many rewards (if any) their class earns in a year!!

That’s all folks!!




Classroom management mistake#1

Classroom management is an often used term by administrators and everyone else on the planet. It is essentially how you manage your classroom and your students. It includes rules, procedures, routines, classroom jobs, etc., etc., etc.-all the way down to the way your kids turn their tests in to you.

We know we are supposed to have “good” classroom management for our rooms to run smoothly. We all want that. I think we all strive for that. But do we accomplish that? At what point do we make the wrong decision just to have everything come crashing down around us for the rest of the year?? I just found an article that says it happens on the 1st day of school. YIKES!! What????

It’s a simple mistake that I believe we are all guilty of at one time or another. Here’s how to identify it and change it! Read on.