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Read and Write 180-Day 44

Wednesday, October 12. 2011

Great day, great day…..

Reviewed english with labeling our sentence-they are getting goooooood!! 2 student have already learned the helping verb song (along with myself-I’m patting myself on the back right now!).

They worked in groups to sort their word study words. Some sorted by phonics patterns, some by meanings.

I actually had time to read aloud -6th Grade Can Really Kill You. We are at the part very near the end of the book where Helen’s dad is about to tell Helen’s mom that she is going to get special help in school for her reading troubles. We’ve spent so much time with Helen this year that I will miss her when we finish the book(I almost always feel this way at the end of a good book!). I think some of the kids will miss her, too. 🙂 We’ve still been working on our predictions and giving reasons why we make certain predictions.

We read 2 more pages of Old Yeller from our Scott Foresman Reading Street series-I am trying to set a purpose for reading each day before we read. Today I had them write 6 words down that we would find in our reading and think about their meanings. As we read, we confirmed the meaning or changed the meaning depending on what context they were used in.

I had them write a summary about the 2 pages after we read them. Some  lots of them are still having a hard time writing “short” summaries. These are some of the problems that I see with what some of the kids are writing:

1. Their summary is not a true reflection of what they read(today’s summary included information from yesterday’s reading)

2. Sequence is not too good

3. The flow of writing is not good(SEVERAL)

4. Too much information is given

So we will continue to practice writing summaries. I’m beginning to think this is another thing that needs to be done individually since there are so many different things they are doing incorrectly. I definitely need more time in the day!!!! 🙂 But, I truly believe that summarizing will help many of them with their comprehension and ability to think about what they have read!

We had SO much time today to do FAB FIVE! Over an hour in each class-woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, let me show you some pictures of my conferring notebook where I keep the data on the kids.

 Here is a picture of the front of my conferring notebook.

 This is the inside of my conferring notebook. One tab is for appointments (monthly calendar and keeping track sheet). I am finding that it is easier just to have the kids put their name on our big calendar for appointments and me not recording it on the smaller calendar in notebook. The big calendar is right near my small group table so I can see it from where I sit. 🙂


 Here is our big calendar on the bulletin board right near my reading table. The kids write their name on the date of our next scheduled conference after they leave our conference.

 This is the keeping track sheet where I can keep up with (at a glance) who I have conferenced with when. I can’t wait to see it fill up-hopefully that will mean that the kids are becoming critical readers! 🙂

 Each student has a tab divider where I keep the CAFE reading menu, my notes sheet for our conferences, and all of their data (ARMT scores from previous year, writing sample, etc….) When we choose a goal for them from the CAFE menu, I am highlighting it on their sheet in my notebook.

 This is my notes sheet where I record a little of what we talked about, the book they are currently reading, the area of focus, and the goal/plan for them to work on. I covered up this student’s name (privacy), but you can see what I wrote during/after our conference.

 Here is the reading goal sheet that each student keeps in their binder. They fill this out during our conference so they will know and be able to refer to exactly what they are working on.

Hope that gives you a little idea of how I am “trying” to run my individual conferences. I think I was able to conference with about 8-10 students total today between my 2 classes. Of course, I didn’t do any small group instruction. But I’m thinking (danger alert!) that once I meet with all of the students for the 1st time that the conferences after these will not last as long.

It was a great day!! Obviously, I don’t have success stories for all of my students but I did have 2 students tell me about the same thing.

Teacher(me): Tell me about yourself as a reader.

Student: Sometimes I have a hard time reading the words or knowing what they mean, but I think I am better at understanding what I read now.

Teacher: Why? What has helped you improve?

Student: I can visualize the story more and see what’s happening-it makes me like it more and understand it better.