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Trifold Discussion PDFs uploaded

I just uploaded all of the trifold discussion documents for every unit every story in a pdf format so that everyone can open them no matter what type of word processing program you have! 🙂

Here’s to you Amy!!!! 🙂


Finished all tri-fold discussion questions

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally finished all of the trifold discussion questions for EVERY unit EVERY story EVERY week! 🙂 Whew! These are the discussion questions that are sprinkled throughout each story in the teachers’ guide. BUT-remember that these questions do not TEACH comprehension-they just ASSESS comprehension!!! Hope you can use them!

Trifold Discussion Questions

One of the 1st grade teachers in our school district, Amy Richardson at Rock Mills, sent me one of these trifolds that one of her 1st grade girls completed during the fall of this year(yes, this 1st grader was able to restate the question!!!). I recently came upon a website of a school in Maine that has lots of Scott Foresman resources(including the trifold template) so I am linking to it below. I took their already made template and am now in the process of adding discussion questions from each story to a trifold template and uploading them to this blog for 6th grade.