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New Blog

For some reason I accidentally posted here today, but didn’t mean to. 🙂

I have kept this blog up for those of you that still use Reading Street 2008, but I blog at a new blog.

Come check it out!


New Blog Reminder

Just another reminder for those new subscribers that I no longer update this blog because I don’t use Scott Foresman for  reading. I now blog at:

You can also follow me on twitter-@shannonclark7


OR my facebook page-

Happy Teaching!

Remember to visit my new blog

For those of you who missed the post about me no longer updating this blog, just wanted to remind you to visit my new blog which is a combination of all things related to running, reading, and teaching. 🙂

Catch my new blog

I just looked at my site stats for this blog and WOWZA!!! I got over 2000 hits in one day last week. YIKES! 🙂

I am no longer updating this blog because I don’t teach reading anymore, but you can catch my new blog at:

That is, if you want to. 🙂

This year I am teaching 5th grade English, 5th and 6th grade US History.

See ya over there!

My New Blog

I have created a new blog that will be a combination of teaching, running, and reading. You can hop on over at:

See you there! Some great things coming this summer! 🙂